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About Eternal Balance

What started as a vision for a personal Reiki practice back in August of 2009, quickly grew into a small healing studio with multiple modalities and practitioners. I am excited that people have resonated with my dream and wanted to become a part of my vision and support our services.
Being a small studio has its perks but also has its challenges. We are mostly not a very commercial enterprise. Doing Living Social and then Groupon has been an interesting experience and by far the most commercial and mainstream. We were only able to do those promotions because we added a massage to our list of offerings and that has been a very recent development. And so if you have landed here because you bought a voucher, please keep reading!
Eternal Balance is more of a collection of practitioners that have a common vision. We do not have a receptionist and when you call us, you get to talk to Olga (me). I have been taking all the appointments because we had such a volume of the vouchers sold. But I am human and I have a busy personal practice and family life, so I can't always get to the phone. Sometimes email is quicker because I can sneak a peek at my phone as I'm doing something else. 
Also, we can only handle one massage at a time as we only have one massage room. While we are contemplating using the classroom for massages, it's not suited for those purposes and it's also usually busy with workshops and events. Our goal is to promote personal healing and growth and we offer a variety of workshops to help you explore and navigate life.
And another very important note. As we are a collection of practitioners, it also happens that sometimes folks leave once they are ready to start their own independent practice. This is what happened with Lisa after running Living Social promotion. Living Social was her promotion but for technical reasons we could not include her separate business on the vouchers. She got so many customers, that she moved into her own space, just around the corner from us. If you bought a Living Social voucher for a massage (not for Reiki), you need to get in touch with Lisa directly to redeem it. Her phone number is (978) 767-6738 and her website is (yes, it's .co, not .com). I am trying to work with Living Social so that they send an announcement about this change, but it's a very slow going.
We hope that you'll take a look around, come visit us, ask questions, and be daring! Try something new, something a little out of your comfort zone, whether it's a class or a service. We are a safe place to be yourself.
~ Olga

Email or call (978) 233-1108 to schedule an appointment
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