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Distance Reiki Sessions with Olga
With Reiki, it is possible to send the healing energy at a distance, without a client being physically present. There are special Reiki techniques for doing this and it works by establishing an energetic connection between the healer and a recipient.
Reiki can also be sent to the past to heal emotional traumas that are still affecting you today. While you will still have the memory of the event, its emotional effects on your present behavior will be lessened. In the same way, Reiki can be sent to a future event in your life. If you know that a stressful event is coming up, Reiki can be sent to that event so that you will have more composure and peace when the event happens. 
What to Expect?
I would need a photograph of you to help me establish a connection. It can be emailed to me or alternatively you can mail it to me, though email is preferred.
At a pre-arranged time, you will call me and we'll start our session with a guided meditation. After that, I will proceed with sending Reiki while you are meditating. I will guide you out of the meditation and we are done. The whole session is about 25-30 minutes.
You need to pre-pay for your session through PayPal.
Cost of a distance Reiki session is $30 for 25-30 minute session.

Please email me or call 781 864 7076 for more information.

Email or call (978) 233-1108 to schedule an appointment
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