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Gift Certificates and Class Cards

Gift certificates make a great gift! They are available in any dollar amount or for any service or class. You can sign up your family or friends for yoga or meditation classes, or give just one class. And of course, Reiki sessions are a great gift to anyone for the ultimate in relaxation and getting back in touch with the quiet in you. You can get your gift certificate through the options below or you can call (781)864-7076.

Not sure how much to get? Here is a handy price list:

$20 - this will cover some of the workshops and lectures at the studio
$45 - lunchtime yoga (5 classes)
$60 - one Reiki session
Your gift certificate can be applied as credit to any of the services we offer. They have a one year expiration date. Don't forget to make sure that your address is correct in PayPal. You can also call and charge it to your credit card.

Email or call (978) 233-1108 to schedule an appointment
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