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Greg Kaminsky
Ever since he was young, Greg has been interested in the hidden side of life. As a child, his world was filled with explorations of imagination, mythology, symbolism, religion, history, and astronomy. Since 1996, he's been studying and practicing various Buddhist meditation techniques and learning about shamanism in ancient cultures. Since 2005, Greg has intensively studied the Western Mystery Tradition, first on his own by learning from books and then as an initiate of F:.L:.O:. He's also a Freemason. Greg's areas of expertise include Tarot symbolism, guided meditation techniques, Qabalah, Hermetics, spiritual Alchemy, and Freemasonry. These mystical and spiritual systems have been used since antiquity and have been proven effective for true spiritual aspirants, aiding in the promotion of awareness, health, happiness, and wholeness. In addition to facilitating regular workshops in Tarot symbolism and Hermetic Alchemy, he's also produced and hosted the Occult of Personality podcast for the past 4 years. Occult of Personality is highly respected in esoteric circles for providing in-depth interviews with serious esoteric researchers and teachers from all over the world. Greg's mission is to aid sincere students in discovering the authentic light of ageless wisdom within themselves.

Currently Greg is pursuing his Master's Degree from Harvard Extension School with concentration in Medieval Studies.
The Occult of Personality website now has a Membership Section that was designed to provide you with high-quality interviews, presentations, lectures, as well as guided meditations. Going more in-depth and bringing you a wider range of recorded material, this web site aims to take the journey of self-discovery to higher degrees.

The subjects covered include, but aren’t limited to, occultism, historical figures of the Western Esoteric Tradition, Qabalah, Hermetics, symbolism, Alchemy, meditation, Magick, Tarot, Astrology, Freemasonry, spirituality, mysticism, metaphysics, and consciousness.

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