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Nancy Bixbee

 Nancy Bixbee is a Registered Nurse with 30 years of experience working for Children’s Hospital in Boston. She has studied Flower Essences with David Dalton and Patricia Kaininski. She trained in Aromatherapy with Linda Patlerson in Rhode Island. She has been involved in Steiner-based Waldorf education for 18 years and served as the school nurse for the Lexington Waldorf School. In addition, she trained for 3 years at Sunbridge College in New York, studying Audrey McAllen’s revolutionary program titled, “The Extra Lesson.”

The Extra Lesson approach has been confirmed by modern neuropsychology. Extra Lesson uses an initial assessment to evaluate movement patterns, body geography and spatial orientation. The movement exercises along with drawing and painting forms, are chosen to compose an Extra Lesson session.

This work takes into consideration, the fact that there may be a number of challenges that occur to interfere with normal childhood development. Among them are birth traumas, injuries, illnesses, and emotional tensions in the family. These disturbances sometimes become apparent when the child enters school. They are seen either as learning challenges or behavior difficulties.

The Extra Lesson sessions typically run for twelve-week cycles, lasting about an hour each visit. Ongoing communication with a parent is essential. Progress is generally evaluated at the end of a twelve-week cycle and varies with each child.

Nancy also provides personalized support programs to help with the following issues:

• Focused concentration
• Memory
• Better study habits
• Coordination
• Emotional balance
• Communication

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